The Brewer’s Cabinet

Brewer’s Cabinet locally brewed varieties we carry:

Tahoe Amber  Fairly high hop aroma from Cascade & Willamette hops. Moderately high caramel maltiness.

Tahoe Pale Ale  Strong hop aroma from dry-hopping. Citrusy hop character from Cascade hops.

Tahoe Blonde  Light to moderate sweet, malty aroma. Low fruitiness and medium aroma.

Dirty Wookie  Malty, sweet and rich chocolate, caramel with a toasty quality.

Dragon Punch  A prominent hop aroma with a nice citrus due to the Northwest hop, Sorachi Ace and Cascade.

Moon Dunes Moon Dunes is bursting with tropical fruits such as guava, mandarin, and grapefruit. The mouthfeel is silky smooth with a whisper of pine on the finish. Some have said that if you drink enough the man on the moon will give ya a little wink.